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Together the two films form a sort of diptych, not just picking up and resolving plot lines but mirroring themes in a way that deepens both films. It tells the story of an old blind man named zatoichi shintaro katsu who. The film begins with zatoichi using his cunning and his disability to his advantage, as. The tale of zatoichi was released in japan on april 12, 1962. Free vintage fonts and how to download them journaling, clip art, lettering. Zatoichi is one of the great characters of any medieval japanese film, and unusually he is not a samurai himself. The tale of zatoichi the life and opinion of masseur ichi 1962. The tale of zatoichi continues synopsis the discovery of a feudal lords secret puts the blind swordsmanmasseurs life in danger. Hoping to leave violence behind, the blind masseur wanders to a village, where he meets an old friend fallen on hard times. The film starred shintaro katsu, so there was clearly some familiarity between the two men.

Both are set during the late edo period 1830s and 1840s. Get ready for another 2 weeks of zatoichi content because i have every intention of watching all 25 as quickly as possible. The tale of zatoichi continues return of masseur ichi 1962. In japanese w english subtitles youre probably wondering with all the zatoichi movies ive uploaded. In japanese w english subtitles the last zatoichi movie i uploaded was the masseuse first. The third entry in the series, new tale of zatoichi may contain a higher body count than its two predecessors, but do not be mistaken. In zatoichis first outing in color, zatoichi returns to his home village. The tale of zatoichi, directed by kenji misumi, is the first film of a classic japanese samurai drama saga starring. New tale of zatoichi might be the best, worstnamed film i have ever seen.

This week was a decent week of movie watching for me as i saw lee daniels the butler and kickass 2 in theaters and at home watched the tale of zatoichi and the tale of zatoichi continues and will be finishing new tale of zatoichi and watching short term 12 later today. Zatoichi the new tale of zatoichi 1963 rotten tomatoes. After the success of the speedily produced sequel to the tale of zatoichi, daiei realized what they had on their hands the makings of a proper franchise. Zatoichi, zatoichi is a fictional character featured in one of japans longestrunning series of films, as well as a television series. The first, the tale of zatoichi known as zatoichi monogatari in japan, appeared in 1974 and ran for 26 episodes. With its lightningfast swordplay, sleightofhand dice games, and codes of honor upheld and betrayed, this first chapter sets the stage for all the zatoichi adventures to come. The second film, the tale of zatoichi continues, appeared later in 1962 though the story is set almost exactly a year after the first one. On imdb tv, you can catch hollywood hits and popular tv series at no cost. The film was followedup with the tale of zatoichi continues in 1962. Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free prime shipping. The tale of zatoichi 1962 zatoichi shintaro katsu is a blind samurai who becomes the masseur for a yakuza boss, who hires him anticipating a battle with a rival gang.

Zatoichi targets a yakuzacontrolled village, because war with a neighbouring towns smaller gang is brewing. Arriving, zatoichi meets up with his mentor and sword teacher banno seizaburo kawazu and promptly falls in love with the latters daughter, yayoi mikiko tsubouchi. He made 24 installments between 1962 and 1973, and made the last one 16 years later in 1989. The tale of zatoichi is the first in a long line of films, detailing the adventures of a blind swordsman. But for a matinee idol, he receives a decidedly modest introduction. The new tale of zatoichi is a japanese film, the third entry from the popular zatoichi series. It catapulted katsu into the ranks of the illustrious, a position where he would firmly remain, thanks to an average annual output of three new zatoichi adventures a year.

With a corrupt clan leader squeezing citizens dry and the brother of a past nemesis out for payback, zatoichi finds that he cannot abandon his true calling. But zatoichi in his run of two dozen films stays good to the end. Usually when a film series starts getting long, most of the films in the series are mediocre at best, particularly in the later shows. Zatoichi is a 2003 japanese movie about the iconic japanese figure. And, again, if you dont have a hulu plus account but are interested in checking it out, click here for a two week trial. New tale of zatoichi 1963, shin zatoichi monogatari story. Wishing to find peace, zatoichi travels to his old village but only finds trouble when he ends up in a love triangle and finds old scores have followed him home. The tale of zatoichi 1962 directed by kenji misumi. The tale of zatoichi synopsis a blind swordsman shintaro katsu finds his province overrun by outlaw gangs contending for power. The first of the series in color, this tale is not so much an entirely new tale as it is a continuation of what has been the. The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur and master swordsman. Kazuo mori would go on to direct a few more zatoichi films and the tv show, and eventually the third instalment of the daimaijin kaiju series. One of the most popular heroes in japanese cinema, zatoichi the blind swordsman inspired 26 feature films, more than 100 tv episodes, and countless comics and collectibles.

The tale of zatoichi released in 1962 would begin a 20 plus film franchise starring shintaro katus as the blind masseuse, gambler, and master swordsman. Director kenji misumi made every scene look like a panel of manga, misumi, took its time with every scene, he never rush any conversation, he let the film breath so i could admire the beautiful black and white cinematography that outdoors. With 25 adventures of shintaro katsus famed blind, wandering swordsman zatoichi recently becoming available through both a remarkable criterion collection box set, and digitally via hulu plus, our team decided it was time to walk down the dusty roads of adventure and watch and discuss the entire legendary chanbara series. He managed to direct an incredibly brisk film when tasked with filming the tale of zatoichi continues. However, behind this humble facade, he is a master swordsman gifted with a lightningfast draw and breathtaking precision. With the vibrant opening image of a crackling fire, the zatoichi series is thrust into the world of color for the first time. The new tale of zatoichi sees kanbeis brother searching for revenge. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free. Much to their surprise, the map does lead the pair. This is a list of all the zatoichi movies starring shintaro katsu. New tale of zatoichi masseur ichi enters again 1963. Since then, with the cute but cloying kikujiro, the entertaining but.

The film summoned the most sequels of a samurai film. He isnt doing it out of love, but out of the shame of having a blind man slay his. The first film introduces all the major elements that would be used in the following movies. This was followed by a second tv series in 1976, new zatoichi or shin zatoichi, that ran for three more seasons 29 episodes in. The new tale of zatoichi ups the ante for the series, bringing a new depth to the character and a slew of fantastic action scenes. The tale of zatoichi is the introduction to zatoichi, a blind yakuza swordsman with a code of honor. New tale of zatoichi 1963 the criterion collection.

As tensions mount between rival yakuza clans, one boss hires a formidable but ailing ronin as his clans musclewhile the other employs a humble, moral blind masseur named ichi. Zatoichis revenge 1965, zatoichi the fugitive 1963, zatoichis flashing sword 1964, zatoichis vengeance 1966, zatoichi and the fugitives 1968. In japanese w english subtitles the saga of the blind swordsman continues as he is hunted by hired samurai to silence him for. The character, a blind masseur and blademaster, was created by novelist kan shimozawa this originally minor character was developed for the screen by daiei film now kadokawa daiei studio.

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