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Dyuny railway station, a railway station near sestroretsk, st. Dune extended edition this new disc offers the longawaited extended version of dune, plus a host of extras. The original superman is rightfully considered a classic among fans, thanks to christopher reeves iconic performance, the groundbreaking special effects and for bringing the titular hero to life. This version has been hacked to pieces and bears little resemblance to the original full uncut movie recommendation dont watch this version the original movie gets a 4. In short this set is long on movie but too short on extras. The movie was also previously released on bluray in france and germany by different studios. Dune was an almost incredibly deep sciencefiction work by frank herbert which developed a rabid cult following and finally became the bestselling scifi novel of all time. As a result of that, the movie doesnt look like a motion picture anymore but like a big tv production. David lynchs dune a scifi film by a director without.

Dune special edition, directors cut universal studios home entertainment. I always enjoy watching this film and listening to the soundtrack. The only director s cut of the film was the one shown theatrically. More than 20 years after the movie was made, and seeing it in this era of very cunning special fx and 3d does make it look dated a bit. Frank herberts dune won two emmy awards in 2001 for outstanding cinematography and outstanding special visual effects in a miniseries or movie, and was nominated for a third emmy for outstanding sound editing. This is a great true full hd transfer of the tv miniseries. Alexander was panned by critics and tanked at the box office but that didnt stop warner bros and stone pursuing the dream of finding a good movie in the mess. The directors 1984 dune adaptation was fraught with tension behind the scenes, so.

The disc contains only the 7minute theatrical cut, which is david lynchs one and only directors cut. Since its release lynch has described the film as the most painful experience in his career and declines talking about it in interviews. However, the cast and crew of lynchs dune have confirmed that lynch showed them an assembly cut of the film shortly after principal photography wrapped. The movie director richard donner is not happy the films extended cut is making its way to bluray. Contrary to popular rumors, no 6hours long director s cut, ever existed. This series covers the story of house atreides and its betrayal at the. Comparison of the uncencored tv version german dvd released by columbia tristar fsk 16 and the directors cut us special edition dvd released by artisan not rated. Owing to the differing broadcast standards of global television, the director s cut of frank herberts dune essentially combines the international versions originally broadcast in 2000. This edition is great extras full tv mini series so awesome i want more read more. Although universal has approached lynch for a possible directors cut, lynch has declined every offer and prefers not to discuss dune in interviews. Dvd directors cut adds scenes to the us television release. Director john harrisson had some trouble with his version of frank herberts dune.

This one not only did not live up to expectations, they cut out many important parts and what they. A directors cut is an edited version of a film that is supposed to represent the directors own approved edit. Eccentric director david lynch was tapped to helm what its producers hoped would be another star wars style megahit. The main difference in the two versions is the fact that the tv version has been split up to smaller episodes. Acting was fairly good, and this was more in depth than the movie dune. It has all the little touches book fans say are missing, and really lays out the universe in the beginning with a 10 minute preamble with handdrawn, courtroom style pictures. Alexander 2004 theatrical cut or directors cut or the.

The directors cut exists, but thats for the 2000 scifi channel miniseries, not this film. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title dune. In my opinion, its a shame that david lynch has zero interest in going back to this film for a true directors cut, but this is probably the best that his fans will ever get to a cut that hed approve of. Im talking 2000 here, and ive only just recently seen it. Contrary to popular rumors, no 6hours long directors cut, ever existed.

This is the first half of the 2000 scifi miniseries for dune. I prefer the directors cut version, which has extended and added scenes that further explain plot lines and provide viewing continuity. Lynch never had a hand in any other version of dune. Based on frank herberts classic science fiction novel. Unfortunately, this doesnt make the movie better at. Why does everyone say the batman v superman extended cut is better. A directors cut is an edited version of a film or television episode, music video, commercial, or video game that is supposed to represent the directors own approved edit. If youve never read it and want to before the new movie comes out, this is a great opportunity to do so. I think the ultimate edition fleshes the film out better and i consider it a directors cut. Cut explicitly refers to the process of film editing. It may be because the director himself was not happy with it, or because fans expected too much from a simple two hour movie. Our april selection is frank herberts classic, dune.

Several scenes are new to american audiences, including some brief and tasteful nudity, but the real benefit comes from scenes that clarify the politics and. This is redux the final 2012 version of my dune the alternative edition fanedit project, which replaces two earlier and inferior versions v. Yueh talks to jessica about his wifes disapperance, foreshadowing and explaining his betrayal. If i can use a different metaphor, its like that scene in indiana jones and the temple of doom when our famished heroes sit down to the royal banquet and get served fried insects, live snakes, and monkey heads. And if youve read it a thousand times come help us pick apart all the action and philosophy inside.

The only directors cut of the film was the one shown theatrically. This featurette is featured on the dune david lynch dune 1985 extended edition dvd, released in 2006. Dune dvd, 2002, 3disc set, special edition directors cut. The character of princess irulan is much more active in the new cut. All in all, i think this is one of the more underrated movies in science fiction history. Dune opened in cinemas in 1984 and failed to capture critics and audiences alike. The scifi channel dune miniseries sees a new dvd release in the form of a threedisc directors cut packed with extras. Dune shearwater, an extinct seabird species from the canary islands. The special edition directors cut version of frank herberts dune is the second attempt to convey the magic of the awardwinning novel onto film, and.

Aboard the heighliner, hawat explains to paul why he doesnt trust the bene gesserit. David lynch compares his two biggest film failures indiewire. Unfollow dune dvd directors cut to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I will happily watch the original an infinite amount of times because i think its a science fiction masterpiece however recently i found out that theres an extended cut. This version of david lynchs dune 1984 integrates footage from the original theatrical cut, the extended tv cut, and deleted scenes to make the most complete version of the film as of 2012. Dune extended version dvd, 2006, 2disc set, extended. Its also possible the best game based off movie ever made. The new directors cut found on this 3disc dvd set has been expanded by some 30 minutes, with roughly 10 minutes added to each part of the series. Universals bluray is, for the most part, a direct port of the earlier hd dvd. This new, longer frank herberts dune is a richer, more layered experience. His original version, which was submitted to the tc station, had a total running time of approx. Dune was released in its theatrical cut on bluray and dvd. Paul finds kynes in the arboretum, who suggests to paul that arrakis ecology can be changed. The movie was an expensive and ambitious production for its era, with.

The movie still has issues but the movie feels like a full movie. Get the best deals on directors cut dvd when you shop the largest online selection at. David lynchs dune 1984 is one of my favourite films of all time. Staring william hurt, barbdra kodetova, uwe ochsenknecht and alec newman. And if youve read it a thousand times come help us pick apart all the. First there was the directors cut where most of the homosexual content was edited out. Dune 1984 alternative edition redux fanedit 178 min. The only downside to that release is that lynch wanted to make his own directors cut, but the studio turned him down because the process was cost prohibitive. Why does everyone say the batman v superman extended cut. Owing to the differing broadcast standards of global television, the directors cut of frank herberts dune essentially combines the international versions originally broadcast in 2000. As for the problems lack of time is the biggest, with swathes of the story being missed entirely or touched on only briefly. David lynch knows a thing or two about bombing with critics and audiences. Then i found out there were books, and after that, there was a movie.

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